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You pick the drinks...

We currently offer iced teas, spritzers, Italian sodas, coffees. Want sno-cones? We have a machine for that.

And we are open for suggestions.


...but we cover

...cups, drinks, napkins, straws and a side table for access to ice water.

Palo exists so you can finally attend your own party; we can take care of the basics.


...and we'll pour

Because that's really the point, right? 

You go enjoy yourself while we make sure that party is hydrated.

Private Parties



You purchase the booze...

Beer? Sure.

Wine? Easy.

Mixed drinks? Why not.

This is the part where you should see the services below or check in with us using this form


...while we mix and serve

We can pull beers and refresh wine glasses with the best of 'em, but we can also customize some cocktails if that's where your head's at. 


...and we'll cover the basics

The cups, straws, napkins, and some drink options sans alcohol are making the trip with us, too. 

We'll make sure everyone has something to keep them refreshed.

Corporate Events



Here is how it works: You purchase the alcohol and we serve it--don't worry, you aren't alone on it. We can provide suggestions for quantities, pricing, and ordering. We will even go pick it up!

  • We are insured and licensed, worry not.

  • We will provide a consultation to discuss the finer points of venue-dependent variables (public v. private, permit requirements, etc.)

  • Free travel within 20 miles of Longmont, CO.

  • An additional hour will be billed for set-up and take-down


Palo provides:

  • Bartender(s)

  • Commercial refrigerator for cans and bottles

  • Option for a chilled keg

  • Chill box for wine, Prosecco, and champagne

  • Vintage tub and tray for water and decor

  • Option for set-up and pour for a champagne toast

  • We will cover the cups, napkins, straws, ice, spoons

Wondering about non-alcoholic options? Let's chat about mocktail options and non-alcoholic champagne!

Pricing Starts At: $160/hr


If you're looking to add some flair, we also offer:

  • Sno-cone service with a variety of flavors and includes cups, flavorings, and spoons

  • Coffee service, complete with cups, sleeves, flavoring syrup, milk, oat milk and more upon request

  • Warm drink options like ciders and hot chocolate

We can get creative by customizing your event-if you have ideas, let's make them happen!

Price varies based on add-on and duration of service.

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